The Blog:

This is another drop in the ocean that is the book blogging sphere, ie A Book Blog. For now, I will tentatively classify this as a World Stories Book Blog, as I have an ambition to give this blog a focus that is non Anglo/American/US-Centric, showcasing the translated novels available in English, etc. I do not make claims that I will be successful in this endeavour, as the world is vast and I will no doubt miss pockets of regions around the world, but I will pledge that I will make an effort to try. It's what I can promise you, dear readers. :)

I've had a book blog in the past, but it has largely fallen to the wayside. I'm hoping that with a renewed, focused book blog that I will be more successful in keeping up with this blog.

This blog is also intended to be a safe space and will be moderated accordingly. Any hateful speech will be checked with a warning, and I won't hesitate to block if necessary. 

More info on what this blog offers in the future.

Interlude - A Naming Caveat:

I have gone by many name handles in my ridiculously long cyber history, most fake and/or semi true and almost all abandoned within a couple years, but the one most people in the book blogsphere may remember is Yuan/Ah Yuan @ GAL Novelty. However, I have undergone a decision to use my "real" name this time. That is, to use the name that is commonly addressed to me in public. I will not bore readers with the details of how I came to this decision. I just hope I don't come to regret this.

My name is Li.
It sounds exactly like it looks.

The Person behind the Writer:

I am a ciswoman, Asian-Canadian, and final year post-secdondary student in the liberal arts. More pertinent to this blog's interest, I love to read! I've fallen in love with fiction as a kid and never looked back! =D My book tastes are going through various fluctuations, currently I'm more kindly disposed towards epic fantasies, memoirs, and humourous middle-grade fiction. Other book categories I'm interested in are YA, manga, slice-of-life, fantasy, (boarding) school settings, supernatural/paranormal, and twee first love stories. My other interests consist mostly of television, television, television, and I love going to the movies whenever I have the chance. Oh! And I'm on Pottermore. dustprophecy34 is my handlename. Go Ravenclaw! (may be a miscast since I chose wisdom over power and regretted it... oh well, we'll see.)

I believe one of my friends once described the way I talked as an exploding dam, fooling you with the quiet until I can unleash all my swirling thoughts and barrage of words in my arsenal at your weakest point. (Also I hyperbolize.) Some other common attributes: emotional, passionate, rambling, and hyper. This er, will probably all reflect in my writing, (un)fortunately. I like to think of my writing as a way to organize all that chaos in my head, a way of articulating everything I'm incapable of doing when asked to talk on the spot. Writing gives me a sense of peace/release, it enables me to connect with myself and others in ways speech fails to, and I wish to continue writing for the rest of my life.

Any further questions can be asked in the comments or directed towards my email at a world of paper hearts [ at ] g m a i l . c o m (minus the spacing and replacing [at] with @) Eventually I'll create an askbox to make myself more accessible, but for now this will have to suffice.